Making CHANGE sustainable

Examples for possible initiatives are …

  • Modernization of the leadership culture through a multi-phase leadership development program

  • Integration of business units and/or acquired units

  • New start after reorganization, change of management or generational change within the owners

  • Taking the company to the next level of performance

  • Throw established and obstructive structures and processes overboard and implement new, beneficial ones

These initiatives …

  • are planned, designed, implemented and regularly updated in collaboration with in-house core teams. Always in coordination with the top management and the executive board

  • encourage the active participation of your managers, teams and employees and are not “imposed” on the

  • pursue clearly defined objectives. Implementation is process-oriented. This means that they are designed using agile methods: e.g. prototyping, gaining initial experiences, follow-ups, joint learning along the way, spreading into the whole organization, regular checks, …

  • consist of a colorful mix of meetings, workshops, trainings, large group events, town halls, learning journeys, … In face-to-face form and with online formats, where it makes sense and reduces costs and effort

  • are handled in the spirit of successful change: gaining committed colleagues who are willing to change, achieving initial successes, communicating these loudly and clearly, getting other colleagues on board, documenting openness and transparency, actively involving top managers, removing obstructive structures, …


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