HERBERT SCHREIB supports executives, leaders, teams and companies to master challenging currents. You can book him as SPEAKER, COACH and PROCESS CONSULTANT.

Many things are in a state of upheaval: Digital transformation, new business models, elimination of existing divisions. Uncertainty, pressure and ambiguity are getting more and more.

It turns out that completely new ways of thinking and acting are required in order to master these situations well. This applies to people in positions of responsibility as well as to the company as a whole. 
HERBERT SCHREIB developed his WHITEWATER STRATEGY exactly for this purpose.

With it he advises, coaches and inspires.

Managers and people in key positions in this innovative and dynamic "New World" become strong and confident in a whole new way. And companies remain fit for the future and successful.

  • General Manager of a world leader for processing technical components, Germany.
    “Maybe you don´t even realize: But through the moderation and execution of your workshops and accompanying us in change processes, we were able to overcome very major obstacles. This helped our corporation a lot and we were able to achieve major progress. You made it possible for positive changes to happen in my company. Besides having great capacities as moderator and mediator you are also a great human and partner”
    General Manager of a world leader for processing technical components, Germany.
  • Mag. Ingrid Seidl EMBA HSG, General Manager, Austria
    “We appreciate the collaboration with Herbert Schreib a lot, because he always works with us and our topics in a very sensitive and individual way and develops our team strengths in a competent way and up to the highest standards.”  
    Mag. Ingrid Seidl EMBA HSG, General Manager, Austria
  • CFO of a multinational Logistics Company, Spain
    „You have no idea how much I enjoy these meetings ;) AND thanks to you and your guidance we wouldn´t achieve such a great performance. No doubt about it”  
    CFO of a multinational Logistics Company, Spain

Many have the impression that they have to act in extreme white water.

Massive currents, abrupt upheavals and high dynamics are reality.

Old recipes for success are no longer effective.

However, extreme white water, as well as the current economic situation, offer also gigantic opportunities and possibilities. Therefore it is important to be in an optimal state of performance - as an individual as well as a company.

HERBERT SCHREIB offers with his WHITEWATER STRATEGY a powerful new approach. 
With it, managers, people in key positions and entire companies gain new strength, sovereignty and stability in agility - for the wild waves and rapids in the age of digital transformation.

This keeps companies on the path to success.



In his work HERBERT SCHREIB relies on the WHITEWATER STRATEGY developed by him.

A powerful package consisting of 5 disciplines. Interwoven and complementary. Lasting effects are achieved through smart and clever interdependencies.

The WHITEWATER STRATEGY is just as effective in the business context as it is in extreme white water.



Be present and open minded



Staying focused



Be courageous and agile



Together simply stronger



Energize and align