Herbert Schreib knows his way around extreme white water - and has effectively transferred his experiences from risky rapids, turbulences and dangerous spots to the business context. With his WHITEWATER STRATEGY he shows companies and executives how to "stay on top" in turbulent and rapidly changing times and how to protect themselves from capsizing.

He makes you fit for your entrepreneurial and personal whitewater in five mutually complementary disciplines:


5 DISCIPLINES that form a POWERFUL PACKAGE. One more effective than the other. Unbeatable in networked interaction. Developed through a clever combination of:


  • - intensive experiences of a 20-year career as a whitewater professional in extreme whitewater
  • - many years of experience as an internationally sought-after business coach
  • - the findings of working as a trainer for stress reduction based on mindfulness

The 5 Disciplines:


Be present and open minded! In facing new challenges, minds of those in positions of responsibility are likely to play out ineffective patterns: Either they fall back on their experiences from the past, almost like in autopilot mode, or they orient themselves doggedly to old plans for the future that have once been made. Herbert Schreib focuses on what really counts in dangerous rapids: the NOW.


Staying focused! The more turbulent water gets, the easier it gets lost: the red thread. What is behind visible actions, what gives stability and focus in daily work? In this discipline, managers, teams and entire companies reflect on their own lines which exist of three dimensions: Purpose, values and strengths. That makes sense and gives them confidence.


Be courageous and agile! In challenging times, it is important not to withdraw. Entrepreneurs, leaders and entire units need the courage to “lean into challenges”, to experiment and to play with them. With a back-up mode: the agile approach. Nobody embodies this better than whitewater adventurer Herbert Schreib.


Together simply stronger! Gone are the times of autocracy, the lonely leader and “silo thinking” once and for all. Leaders today strengthen themselves by strengthening others. And the same counts for teams. Within the framework of this discipline, Herbert Schreib will enforce cooperation and network thinking.


Energize and align! Experts in whitewater perform strengthening rituals. This keeps them energetic and fresh. They know: After each mastered challenge follows the next one. Selective measures only have always been insufficient. Continuity is demanded. It is no different in the corporate world. Herbert Schreib provides tools for individuals and entire teams to remain motivated and powerful in the long term; to breathe deeply, reflect and thus ride the next wave safely and confidently.