Anyone who gets to know Herbert Schreib, meets an open-minded, approachable, sympathetic Austrian. And that's no accident. Because who can claim to have emigrated to the USA within a few weeks thanks to a long night in a bar and to have done his student dream job there? But let's not put the cart before the horse ...

As soon as Herbert Schreib chose to study German literature and sports science, it was clear to him that Vienna would not become his future home. Much too close to home.

So the passionate white water sportsman made his way across the country to Salzburg. His goal: the river landscape there, where there should be a university nearby, where he could follow a teacher's educational path. That he would never pursue this profession - at least not in an institution like school - was of course not yet clear to him at the time.

What was certain for him, however, even then, was that he would spend his life strengthening people.

When the young student Herbert met an American, whose family ran a rafting business and was desperately looking for European guides, one fine evening in a Salzburg bar, it was Herbert Schreib's turn. Without any hesitation he packed his seven things - his grandmother gave him some bananas to eat - and off he went across the big pond to Maine. And into an adventure of a special kind, with wild rafting trips, curious questions about the kangaroos in Austria and the beginning of Herbert Schreib's passion as a trainer.

What remained was his internationality and many friendships, which he still cultivates today. And a matter close to his heart: To strengthen people in challenging situations and to enable them to make good decisions even in uncertain times. Whether in the strong floods of the canyons or in the increasingly complex and fast-paced business world - Herbert Schreib never simply stays on his familiar paths with his customers. He knows: "It is only off the beaten tracks and standard processes that people grow beyond themselves and experience what really is in them.

It can also happen that the trainer, coach and process consultant builds a raft with top managers as part of his WHITEWATER STRATEGY, making the river their playground and then taking a ten-minute break in total silence on the shore.

In such moments, teams not only benefit from Herbert Schreib's experience as a former vice world champion in white water rafting, but also experience his sovereignty in stress management based on the MBSR program of Jon Kabat-Zinn.

Together with his wife, Herbert Schreib lives in Abtenau in the province of Salzburg and is a proud father of two grown-up children.